Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stretch Marks on Breast and Inner Thighs

I've some stretch marks on all over my breasts and on inner thighs. I'm a thin human being and I gained them in my early teens. At first I hated them then spent much time looking for some remedy for fix them but its one of those things where nothing has been found yet.

I really did feel very bad about them then got over it and just accepted them and eventually forgot they were there. But lately, maybe because it's summer and can't wear any low cut tops they really started to bother me again.

Not that all the guys I know are into perfection, but the other day I heard two of my male friends saying how disgusting the stretch marks on this girl were and that just made me so upset. They have never seen mine but imagine if they did? I hope some day to locate a guy who's down to earth without the celebrity worship syndrome.

Or I hope so stretch mark treatment comes up in my lifetime.

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